Signs of Hearing Loss in Young Children:

Response to the environment (speech and language development)

Newborn (Birth to 6 Months)
􀀁 Does not startle, move, cry or react in any way to unexpected loud noises.
􀀁 Does not awaken to loud noises.
􀀁 Does not freely imitate sound.
􀀁 Cannot be soothed by voice alone.
􀀁 Does not turn his/her head in the direction of my voice.
Young infant (6 months to 12 months)
􀀁 Does not point to familiar persons or objects when asked.
􀀁 Does not babble or babbling has stopped.
􀀁 By 12 months does not understand simple phrases by listening alone such as “wave bye-bye,” or “clap
Infant (3 months to 2 years)
􀀁 Does not accurately turn in the direction of a soft voice on the first call.
􀀁 Is not alert to environmental sounds.
􀀁 Does not respond on first call.
􀀁 Does not respond to sounds or does not locate where sound is coming from.
􀀁 Does not begin to imitate and use simple words for familiar people and things around the home.
􀀁 Does not sound like or use speech like other children of similar age.
􀀁 Does not listen to TV at a normal volume.
􀀁 Does not show consistent growth in the understanding and the use of words.